Froddo Shoes

With more than 60 years of shoemaking experience, Froddo takes pride in the development and manufacture of high quality children’s shoes.

The latest technology and high quality materials, including Italian leather is used to ensure that Froddo shoes offer the right amount of comfort, protection and support for a child’s growing feet.

Froddo shoes are designed for each stage of children’s feet development, from their first pair of shoes right up to their early teens.

Froddo shoes have been recognised worldwide for their quality, durability and value for money.

This is the very reason behind their wide popularity and high demand, currently sold in countries around the world including France, Germany, Italy, England, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia and Australia.

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Hering Kids

Hering, one of the most well-known Brazilian apparel brands and one of largest textile companies in Latin America is now available in Australia.

The Hering Kids range is designed for girls and boys from sizes 2 to 16.  The range is easily recognisable through the unique use of patterns and colours which reflect current trends.

Each range (summer, high summer, vacation, autumn, winter and spring) is designed to allow children to express themselves through the bright and colourful pieces. The synergies between Brazilian and Australian culture are also reflected in the clothing, a sense of fun and our carefree attitude, all the things we want our children feel.

85% of the range is made in Brazil at Hering production facilities allowing more flexibility during the production cycle as well as greater quality control.  The Brazilian made products also allow Hering to provide jobs to locals, giving back to their immediate community.

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PUC is a Hering Kids sister brand, focusing on children's designer wear since 1979.

PUC's clothing is made from a collection of fashion trends from around the globe and consists of unique pieces which can be mix and matched to allow versatility and creativity. PUC clothing is designed for sizes from new born to Size 16 for both girls and boys.

PUC has created a perfect synergy between fashion and comfort. The focal point of PUC's designs is a child's individual identity; fashion for children who know what they want and giving them the opportunity to express themselves through PUC's clothing range. PUC designs consist of vibrant colours and stylish designs that convey a sense of joy, cheekiness and creativity.

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Right Bank Babies

Right Bank Babies, a leading American manufacturer of children’s clothing.

While many designer baby clothes are stylish but not exactly practical, Right Bank Babies designs beautiful, classic children´s clothing with functionality in mind. Right Bank Babies’ collection includes reversible dresses and rompers for girls and boys that recall a sweeter, more innocent era of baby clothing. Right Bank Babies clothing range is designed and made in America using only high quality materials.

Right Bank Babies has won a number of awards since being launched including “Best Children’s Clothing Label” from Los Angeles Magazine and nominated for an “Earnie Award” by Earnshaw’s Magazine and Best Dresswear.

Right Bank Babies has adorned celebrity children on the pages of People, In Touch and US magazines. Fans include Heidi Klum, Kourtney Kardashian, Courtney Cox, Busy Phillips, Gwen Stephani, Courtney Cox and many many more

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